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Always improving and adding to our variety

We stock over 300 varieties of seeds!

  • Our seeds are hermetically sealed
  • Our seeds are organically grown
  • Our seeds are tested and grown on our farms in South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania
Learning more about us

What are we about!

Born in the warm heart of Africa, Malawi, Simply African Seed Company was birthed with a view of providing households, small holding farmers and commercial farmers with locally produced, organically grown non-GMO seed. More than 80% or our seeds are Heirloom seeds sourced from all over the world and grown on our seed farms in Malawi and South Africa. The remaining 20% are tried and tested hybrid varieties which have all been grown for more than 2 seasons on our farms. We strive to provide varieties in our ever growing range that are not commonly found and are from an organic sustainable source in Africa in line with our motto, “Grown and processed in Africa, for Africa, by Africans”

Why we differ from competitors

Why are we different?

We repurpose, reuse, recycle

We believe in repurpose, reuse, recycle and being as green as humanly possible.

We strive for 0% Produce wastage

The use of our Biodegradable paper packets is one of the many reasons that prove we are different from our competitors. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we strive for 0% Produce wastage during the seed production process. Pulp and left of plant materials from the seed extraction process are used to produce sauces, jams, organic pesticides and compost for use on our farms.

All our produce for seed is grown using our own seeds

All our produce for seed is grown using our own seed. Given the correct conditions, seeds all show germination rates in excess of 80% if planted correctly. The fact that the seed is produced in the region results in seed and plants that are more acclimatized, resistant and hardy than those grown from seed in climates different to ours.

We believe in judging the quality of a product by trying it

We also do not print unnecessary Jargon on our packets i.e., non GMO, No Chemicals in the front of the packet, then, not suitable for human consumption due to chemical process, at the back of the same packet. We believe in judging the quality of a product by trying it.

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Our key objectives

We strive to uplift and support local communities by:

Allocating 10% of our growing space to community gardens

Developing skills

Employing farm staff from the local community thereby reducing unemployment

We plan to establish community colleges in the areas where we have seed farms and to offer Nationally recognized, accredited, affordable, hands on training in all matters related to agriculture and seed production.