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Here at Simply African Seed Company we would like to introduce our products to the online industry!

Whether it be an individual reseller, dropship company or a company that would like to sell our products to their audience!

The best thing is as a reseller, you can get a higher commission depending on how much products you sell! Get started with this form!

Reseller Structure:

Rank 1 – Bronze Seed – R2 Discount Per Packet – 1 – 100 Packets Per Month

Rank 2 – Silver Seed – R3.50 Discount Per Packet – 101-300 Packets Per Month

Rank 3 – Gold Seed – R5 Discount Per Packet – 301+ Packets Per Month


Step one: (Register an account)

Send us an email and send the following: (Email: reseller@simplyafricanseedcompany.co.za)

  • Name & Surname
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name or Reseller Name
  • Contact Number
  • Physical Address
  • Image of yourself
  • And your reason for selling and selling experience
  • Once approved we will send you a link to register on our platform

Step two: (Selling our variety)

The way it works is that you will have an account on our site and you will see that all products will have your ranked discount.

So you will make a post on Facebook for example, saying that you are selling seeds and that you selling it for a certain amount per packet and the customer will pay you the amount you selling it for. Then you will go onto our site and purchase the packet the customer wants and fill in their address and details and we will send it to them!


If you are a dropship company we can send an xml feed to any WordPress based store and more! We can assist with product photos.